The best strategy games on PC

strategy is the quintessential personal computer writing style, keeping us buried in maps, army lists and physique orders since the earliest days of personal computer bet on. And it ‘s one of the most divers, catering to everyone from hard-core grognards to people who precisely want to see Gandhi microwave Montezuma. In this number, you ‘ll find everything from fast-paced, competitive RTS games to long burn 4X romps. If you want history, we ‘ve got it. Sci-fi ? Yep, a few of them. Fantasy, excessively. In the font of series with multiple entries, we ‘ve picked what we feel was the best game to play now. We might feature more than one entrance from the same series if we think they ‘re different adequate that you might benefit from playing both.

Grand strategy

Total War: Warhammer 3

( image citation : Sega ) total War : Warhammer 3, the stopping point to Creative Assembly ‘s Warhammer trilogy, is besides its strangest and most experimental, letting players leave the traditional Total War sandbox every 30 or so turn to journey through the Realm of Chaos, where the domains of the Chaos gods exist, culminating in huge survival battles that draw from tower defense games, with fortifications, in-battle recruitment and waves of enemies. It ‘s an impressive campaign, though the narrative elements and Realm of Chaos jaunts make it a piece more linear than most. The real regale, though, is the list of factions. The Chaos factions in finical are a atrocious delight, particularly the Daemons of Chaos, which not only lets you recruit units from every daemonic cabal, you even get a in full customisable leader with limbs that you can mix and match. It ‘s basically an RPG. There ‘s enough to keep you occupied, and more on the horizon, with the immortal Empires mega-campaign that combines all three games into one big brawl on its means .

Crusader Kings 3

( trope credit : Paradox Interactive ) Crusader Kings 3, the best strategy game of 2020, has usurped its harbinger ‘s point on the list, unsurprisingly. It ‘s a huge grand scheme RPG, more polished and cohesive than the august CK2, and quite a act easier on the eyes, excessively. At first glance it might seem a bite excessively familiar, but an evening greater focus on act and simulating the lifestyles of chivalric nobles, along with a big bag of new and reconsider features, makes it well worth jumping ship to the latest iteration. It ‘s lone going to get larger and more ambitious as the inevitable DLC piles up, but even in its vanilla form CK3 is a ceaseless storyteller supported by countless complex systems that demand to be mucked around with and tweaked. Getting to grips with it is thankfully well easier this time round, thanks to a helpful nested tooltip system and enough of guidance. And all this saponaceous dynastic play just has a bright stream to it, carrying you along with it. You can meander through biography without any great design and still find yourself embroiled in countless intrigues, wars and trysts .

Total War: Three Kingdoms

( visualize recognition : Sega ) full War : Three Kingdoms, the latest historical entry in the series, takes a few nods from Warhammer, which you ‘ll find elsewhere in this tilt, giving us a sprawling chinese civil war that ‘s fuelled by its distinct characters, both away and on the battlefield. Each is partially of a complicate web of relationships that affects everything from statesmanship to performance in battle, and like their Warhammer counterparts they ‘re all superhuman warriors. It feels like a jump for the serial in the lapp way the first Rome did, bringing with it some fundemental changes to how statesmanship, trade and fight works. The fight over China besides makes for a compelling campaign, blessed with a kind of dynamism that we ‘ve not seen in a Total War before. Since launch, it ‘s besides benefited from some capital DLC, including a new format that introduces historical bookmarks that expand on unlike events from the era .

Europa Universalis 4

( double credit rating : Paradox Interactive ) Paradox ‘s long-running, flagship strategy tomboy is the ultimate grand strategy bet on, putting you in charge of a nation from the end of the Middle Ages all the way up to the 1800s. As head foreman, you determine its political scheme, meddle with its economy, command its armies and craft an empire. right from the beginning, Europa Universalis 4 lets you start changing history. possibly England crushes France in the 100 Years War and builds a massive continental empire. possibly the Iroquois kill european colonists, build ships and invade the Old World. It ‘s huge, building complex, and through years of expansions has fair kept growing. The model can sometimes be rugged to wrap one ‘s head around, but it ‘s worth diving in and fair seeing where alt-history takes you .


Old World

( effigy credit : Mohawk Games ) few 4X games try to challenge Civ, but Old World already had a leg up thanks interior designer Soren Johnson ‘s previous relationship with the series. He was the lead designer on Civ 4, and that bequest is very apparent. But Old World is more than another take on Civ. For one, it ‘s set entirely in ancientness quite than charting the course of human history, but that change in scope besides allows it to focus on people a well as empires. rather of playing an immortal rule, you play one who actually lives, getting married, having kids and finally dying. then you play their successor. You have courtiers, spouses, children and rivals to worry about, and with this exploration of the human english of empire-building besides comes a amplitude of events, plots and surprises. You might even find yourself assassinated by a family member. There ‘s more than a hint of Crusader Kings here .

Civilization 6

You ca n’t have a best scheme games number without a bit of Civ. Civilization 6 is our game of option in the series correct immediately, particularly now that it ‘s seen a couple of expansions. The biggest deepen this time around is the district system, which unstacks cities in the way that its harbinger unstacked armies. Cities are nowadays these sprawling things wax of specialize areas that force you to truly think about the future when you developing tiles. The expansions added some more novel wrinkles that are identical welcome but do stop short of revolutionising the venerable series. They introduce the concept of Golden Ages and Dark Ages, giving you bonuses and debuffs depending on your refinement ‘s development across the years, arsenic well as climate change and environmental disasters. It ‘s a forward-thinking, mod Civ .

Sins of a Solar Empire

Sins of a Solar Empire captures some of the telescope of a 4X strategy bet on but makes it work within an RTS framework. This is a crippled about star-spanning empires that rise, brace and fall in the outer space of an afternoon : and, particularly, about the consequence when the huge capital ships of those empires emerge from hyperspace above half-burning worlds. Diplomacy is an option excessively, of course, but besides : giant spaceships. Play the Rebellion expansion to enlarge said spaceships to farcical proportions .


Stellaris takes an ‘everything and the kicthen sink ‘ border on to the space 4X. It ‘s got a dose of EU4, Paradox ‘s august scheme game, but applied to a sci-fi crippled that contains everything from automatic uprisings to aliens living in black holes. It arguably tries to do to much and lacks the concenter of some of the other writing style greats, but as a celebration of interstellar sci-fi there are none that come close. It ‘s a release sandbox designed to generate a cavalcade of stories as you guide your species and empire through the stars, meddling with their genetic code, enslaving aliens, or consuming the galaxy as a famished hive of cunning insects .

Endless Legend

Fantasy 4X Endless Legend is proof that you do n’t need to sacrifice history to make a compel 4X game. Each of its asymmetrical factions sports all sorts of unique and unusual traits, elevated by narrative quests featuring some of the best writing in any scheme crippled. The Broken Lords, for case, are vampiric ghosts living in suits of armor, wrestling with their dangerous nature ; while the necrophage is a persistent force of nature that just wants to consume, ignoring delicacy in favor of dispatch conquest. Including the expansions, there are 13 factions, each blessed or cursed with their own foreign quirks. Faction invention does n’t get better than this .

Alpha Centauri

( prototype credit : Firaxis ) Civ in space is a convenient shorthand for Alpha Centauri, but a bit reductive. Brian Reynolds ‘ ambitious 4X travel took us to a mind-worm-infested universe and trench state states and empires in favor of ideological factions who were adamant that they could guide humanity to its following development. The technical school, the conflicts, the characters—it was unlike any of its contemporaries and, with only a few exceptions, cipher has in truth attempted to replicate it. not even when Firaxis literally made a Civ in space, which was n’t very good. Alpha Centauri is as fascinating and wyrd now as it was back in ’99, when we were beginning getting our preference of boldness stapling naughty drones and getting into yet another war with Sister Miriam. More than 20 years late, some of us are distillery holding out hope for Alpha Centauri 2 .

Age of Wonders: Planetfall

( image credit : Age of Wonders ) Pick an Age of Wonders and you truly ca n’t go incorrect. If sci-fi is n’t your thing, absolutely give Age of Wonders 3 a hear, but it ‘s Age of Wonders : Planetfall that ‘s got us all hot and bothered at the moment. Set in a galaxy that ‘s waking up after a long time period of decay, you ‘ve got to squabble over a bouncy world with a bunch of other ambitious factions that run the gamut from dinosaur-riding Amazons to psychic bugs. The methodical empire construction is a big improvement over its antic predecessors, benefiting from boastful changes to its structure and pace, but fair as engaging are the turn-based tactical battles between highly customisable units. Stick lasers on giant lizards, give everyone jetpacks, and rear your heroes like they ‘re RPG protagonists—there ‘s so much tinker to do, and it ‘s all bang-up .


Iron Harvest

( image credit : deep flatware ) If you played Company of Heroes and thought “ What this actually needs is some giant mechs ”, Iron Harvest might be the RTS for you. Set in an surrogate 1920 ‘s Europe, factions duke it out with spongy soldiers, tanks and, the headline attraction, clunky steampunk mechs. There are plenty of them, from little exosuits to massive, smoke-spewing behemoths, and they ‘re all a draw of fun to play with and, crucially, blow up. Iron Harvest does love its explosions. When the dust settles after a big contend, you ‘ll barely recognise the area. Thanks to mortars, tank shells and mechs that can walk right through buildings, expect small to remain standing. The degree of destruction is ampere impressive as it is gloomy. To cheer yourself up, you can watch a digest contend a mech. Each faction has a heroic unit, each accompanied by their very own positron emission tomography. All of them have some handy unique abilities, and yes, they can go toe-to-toe with massive war machines .

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2

Battlefleet Gothic : Armada 2 ‘s cosmic battles are dramatic. There ‘s a trio of vaguely 4X-y campaigns following the three of the Warhammer 40K factions : The Imperium, Necron Empire and the nasty Tyranid Hives, but you can ignore them if you want and fair dive into some messy skirmishes full moon of peaky space cathedrals colliding with giant, tentacle-covered leviathans. The real-time tactical combat manages to be thrilling even when you ‘re commanding the most dull of armada. You need to manage a unharmed fleet while broadside attacks ram your hulls, enemies start boarding and your own crews turn mutinous. And with all the tabletop factions present, you can experiment with countless fleet configurations and play with all sorts of wyrd weapons .


Viking-themed RTS Northgard pays dues to Settlers and Age of Empires, but challenged us with its smart expansion systems that force you to plan your increase into new territories carefully. Weather is authoritative, excessively. You need to prepare for winter cautiously, but if you tech up using ‘lore ‘ you might have better ardent weather gear than your enemies, giving you a strategic advantage. Skip through the dull fib, enjoy the well-designed political campaign missions and then start the actual fight in the skirmish mode .


mechanically, Homeworld is a phenomenal cubic scheme bet on, among the first to successfully detach the RTS from a single plane. It ’ mho more than that, though : it ’ s a major victory for standard atmosphere and sound design, whether that ’ s Adagio for Strings playing over the haunt opening missions or the beat of drums as ships engage in a multiplayer struggle. If you liked the Battlestar Galactica boot, or merely fancy a well yarn in your RTS, you should play this. Thanks to the Homeworld Remastered Collection, it ‘s aged identical well. The remasters maintain Homeworld and its sequel ‘s incredible atmosphere, along with all the other great bits, but with update art, textures, audio, UI—the distribute. Everything is in keeping with the spirit of the master, but it just looks and sounds better .

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

Most of Westwood ‘s C & C entries are fantastic—but Red Alert 2 has the best campaigns, most interest units, great maps and of class, superb FMV sequences. The different factions are so distinct, and have more personality than they did in the original game—hence soviet squids and Allied dolphins. They found the right tonal balance between self-awareness and earnestness in the cutscenes, as well—they ‘re played for laughs, but still entertain and engage.

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak

Homeworld : Deserts of Kharak sounded about blasphemous at beginning. Over a ten since the final Homeworld game, it was going to take a game remembered for its spaceships and 3D movement and turn it into a ground-based RTS with tanks ? And it was a prequel ? Yet in cattiness of all the ways this could have gone dreadfully wrong, Deserts of Kharak succeeds on about every count. It ‘s not only a terrific RTS that sets itself apart from the perch of the music genre ‘s recent games, but it ‘s besides an excellent Homeworld plot that reinvents the series while besides recapturing its charming .

Supreme Commander

only entire War can compete with the plate of Supreme Commander ‘s real-time battles. It ’ randomness still exhilarating to flick the mousewheel and fly from an individual mastermind to a map of the entire battlefield, then flick it again to dive down to give orders to another unit kilometres away. When armies do clash—in sprawling hundred-strong column of robots—you ’ re rewarded with the most brilliant firefights a CPU can render. It ’ mho one of the few real-time scheme games to combine air travel, ground and naval battle into single encounters, but SupCom goes even further, with weapon, long-range nuclear munition and megalithic experimental bots .

StarCraft 2

In addition to being the leading competitive strategy game of the stopping point ten, StarCraft 2 deserves credit rating for rethinking how a traditional RTS campaign is structured. Heart of the Swarm is a estimable exercise of this, but the human-centric Wings of Liberty installation is the place to start : an imaginative gamble that mixes up the conversant rule at every stage. From zombi refutation scenarios to planets that flood with lava every few minutes, you ’ ra forced to learn and relearn StarCraft ’ s basic elements as you go. In 2020, Blizzard finally decided to wind down development on StarCraft 2, announcing that no new additions would be coming, aside from things like libra fixes. The competitive scene is distillery very much active, however, and you ‘ll distillery find few singleplayer campaigns vitamin a good as these ones .

Warcraft 3

Most luminary today for being the point of origin for the entire MOBA music genre, Warcraft III is besides an imaginative, ambitious scheme game in its own right, which took the music genre beyond anonymous little sprites and into the kingdom of cinematic fantasy. The initiate inclusion of RPG elements in the human body of heroes and achromatic monsters adds a degree of unitspecific depth not give in its sci-fi stablemate, and the sprawling campaign delivers a fantasy floor that—if not quite novel—is thorough and stimulate in its performance. It besides has the best ‘ repeated unit snap ’ jokes in the business. shame about Warcraft 3 : Reforged, it ‘s not-so-great remake .

Company of Heroes

Some games would try to step away from the emotional aspect of a war that happened in living memory. not Company of Heroes. It ’ second torrid and unmanageable and barbarous. sure, its methods are pure Hollywood—the muddy weapon plumes could have come square from Saving Private Ryan—but the consequence is the most intense RTS ever made, brilliantly capturing the tactical repulsion between WWII ’ s asymmetrical forces .

Rise of Nations

Age of Empires gave us the probability to encompass centuries of military advance in half-hour battles, but Rise of Nations does it better, and cleverly introduces elements from turn-based scheme games like Civ. rather of marshalling troops from a single base, you build cities all over the map to grow your state ’ south borders. When borders collide civs race through the ages and try to out-tech each early in a shroud war for influence, all while trying to deliver a hard military blow with javelins and jets. There aren ’ t enough games that let you crush longbowmen with amphibious tanks and stealth bombers .

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 2

It was tempting to put the excellent first Dawn of War on the number, but the box-select, right-click to kill convention is well represented. alternatively let ’ s appreciate the experimental sequel, which replaced huge units with a handful of rock-hard distance bastards, each with a cluster of killer whale abilities. In battle you micromanage these empowered particular forces, timing the flying attack of your Assault Marines and the sniping baron of your Scouts with efficient heavy machine gun embrace to undo the Ork hordes. The co-operative last Stand manner is besides huge. If you need a 40K cook, we ‘ve besides ranked every Warhammer 40,000 bet on .



Like an adaptation of the tabletop game crossed with the XCOM plan template, BattleTech is a bass and building complex turn-based game with an impressive campaign system. You control a group of mercenaries, trying to keep the books balanced and upgrading your cortege of mechwarriors and battlemechs in the crippled ‘s strategy layer. In battle, you target specific parts of enemy mechs, taking into account armor, angle, speed and the surround environment, then make difficult choices when the fight is n’t going your way. It can initially be overwhelming and it ‘s undeniably a dense game, but if that ‘s what you want from your strategy games or you love this population, it ‘s a capital blame .

Into the Breach

A beautifully designed, near-perfect slice of tactical mech action from the creators of FTL. Into the Breach challenges you to fend off waves of Vek monsters on eight-by-eight grids populated by tugboat blocks and a kind of submarine objectives. obviously you want to wipe out the Vek using mech-punches and weapon strikes, but much of the game is about using the impingement of your blows to push enemies around the function and divert their attacks off from your cherished buildings. civilian buildings provide power, which serves as a health bar for your political campaign. Every time a civilian build takes a strike, you ‘re a step closer to losing the war. once your exponent is depleted your team travels bet on through time to try and save the world again. It ‘s challenge, bite-sized, and moral force. As you unlock new types of mechs and mech upgrades you gain imaginative new ways to toy with your enemies .


The game cleverly uses scarcity of opportunity to force you into difficult dilemma. At any one meter you might have lone six possible scan sites, while fight encounters are largely meted out by the bet on, but what you choose to do with this constrict image of options matters enormously. You need to recruit new rookies ; you need an engineer to build a comms facility that will let you contact more territories ; you need alien alloys to upgrade your weapons. You can ’ t have all of these. You can credibly only have one. In 1989 Sid Meier described games as “ a series of interest decisions. ” XCOM 2 is the purest expression of that ethos that Firaxis has yet produced. The War of the Chosen expansion brings even more welcome if delirious changes, like the endlessly chatty titular enemies, memorable nemeses who pop up at different intervals during the campaign with random strengths and weaknesses .

Invisible Inc. 

( trope credit : Klei Entertainment ) sneaky tactics does n’t come in a slick software than invisible Inc., Klei ‘s exceeding stealth-em-up. It ‘s a sexy cyberpunk espionage runaway blessed with then much tension that you ‘ll be sweating buckets as you slink through corporate strongholds and try identical hard to not get capture. It ‘s crafty, sometimes dauntingly so, but there ‘s a gamble you can fix your severe mistakes by rewinding time, adding some welcome approachability to the proceedings .



DEFCON ’ s black bluing earth map is the arrant stagecoach for this Cold War repugnance report about the outbreak of nuclear war. First, you manage stockpiles, and position projectile sites, nuclear submarines and countermeasures in cooking for armageddon. This organization phase is an concern strategic challenge in itself, but DEFCON is at its most effective when the missiles fly. Blooming blast sites are matched with casualty numbers as city after city experiences eradication. Once the dust has settled, victory is a bare technicality. It ’ randomness bloodcurdling, and quite bright in multiplayer .

Unity of Command 2

( image credit : 2×2 Games ) one of Command was already the perfect submission point into the building complex earth of wargames, but Unity of Command 2 manages to maintain this while throwing in a host of new features. It ‘s a tactical puzzle, but a reactive one where you have the exemption to try lots of different solutions to its military conundrums. not precisely a capital topographic point to start, it ‘s simply a bright wargame .

Hearts of Iron 4

( image credit : Paradox Interactive ) Hearts of Iron 4 is a expansive scheme wargame loanblend, as comfortable with logistics and precise battle plans as it is with diplomacy and sandboxy outlandishness. apparently crippled about World War 2, it lets you throw out history vitamin a soon as you want. Want to conquer the universe as a communist UK ? Go for it. Maybe Germany will be knocked out of the war early, leaving Italy to run things. You can evening keep things going for adenine long as you want, leading to a WW2 that continues into the ’50s or ’60s. With expansions, it ‘s fleshed out naval battles, espionage and early features so you have control over closely every aspect of the war .

Steel Division: Normandy 44

( image credit : Paradox Interactive ) Steel Division : Normandy 44 takes its cues from Eugen Systems ‘ exceptional Wargame series, combining the titular subgenre with loads of RTS good. Normandy 44 takes the action second to World War 2 and tears France apart with its elephantine battles. It ‘s got explosive real-time fights, but with mind-boggling scale and extra complexities ranging from suppression mechanics to morale and shock tactics. The sequel, Steel Division 2, brings with it some improvements, but unfortunately the singleplayer experience is n’t actually up to snuff. In multiplayer, though, it ‘s pretty big. And if the World War 2 specify is n’t your cup of tea, the older Wargame series hush represents some of the best of both RTS and wargaming, so they ‘re absolutely worth taking for a spin .

scheme games to watch

We ‘re always updating this list, and below are a few approaching games that we ‘re hoping we ‘ll finally be able to include. These are the scheme games we ‘re most looking forward to, so check out what you should be keeping an eye on .

Company of Heroes 3

( picture credit : Sega ) Relic is last returning to its World War 2 RTS, but there have been significant changes. In Company of Heroes 3, the focus is on the Med, with the fighting taking position across North Africa and Italy. There ‘s besides a active turn-based campaign, where you can pretty much do everything that ‘s possible in the RTS layer, whether that ‘s dropping artillery strikes on enemy or sending engineers in to deactivate mines. There ‘s besides an expanded destruction arrangement that gives objects, whether they are buildings or leaf, different damage states, so you ‘ll see buildings being lento eroded and chipped aside at before the last flop. other fresh headline attractions include extremely customisable companies and detachments—you can add a medical detachment to a company and then summon a medical truck mid-battle—and full tactical hesitate. It ‘s not coming until 2022, but you can take it for a spin early by signing up to Games2Gether, which will let you try out alpha and beta builds .

Homeworld 3

( picture credit rating : Gearbox Publishing ) Deserts of Kharak was fantastic, which is why you ‘ll find it above, but who has n’t yearned for a true Homeworld sequel ? Blackbird Interactive ‘s Homeworld 3 will have 3D fight with massive scale battles that let you control everything from bantam interceptors to massive motherships, just like you ‘d expect, american samoa well as moving Homeworld ‘s saga forward. The studio still has n’t revealed much about the sequel, though its broad vision is to capture how the original games looked and played—something it flush managed to do with Deserts of Kharak, despite being a ground-based RTS—but with “ meaningful improvements. ” One example of the changes is how the ballistic system works. It ‘s still a long manner off, though, with launch not expected until 2022 .

Best scheme mods

Some of our darling strategy games have spawned enduring modding communities, keeping decade-old game alive with dramatic overhauls that continue to be updated long after the devs have moved on. a well as celebrating the best scheme games, then, we besides want to celebrate a few of our favorite strategy mods .

Third Age: Total War

( image credit : Sega/TW_King_Kong ) Until Total War : Warhammer, we had to rely on mods to get our fantasy Total War kicks, but with mods ampere adept as Third Age, that was n’t excessively much of a sacrifice. It ‘s a medieval 2 overhaul that recreates the one-third age of Middle-earth, including cities, landmarks and all the ents and orcs you could hope you fight or befriend. Lord of the Rings has inspired countless mods, but this remains one of the best .

XCOM: Long War

( double credit : Firaxis ) XCOM : Long War could have been an expansion. It throws in then much and fine-tune reasonably much everything, but it never compromises the game it ‘s built on. XCOM was great, but it was quite a snatch more streamlined than master X-COM designer Julian Gollop ‘s sight of the series. Long War merged them, giving fans of the older games something trickier and meatier to play with, but it silent felt modern and polish. Firaxis developers even got involved, and for XCOM 2 the team created some official add-ons, before following up the mod with Long War 2.

Crusader Kings 2: A Game of Thrones

( persona credit : Paradox/CK2 : AGOT dev team ) Crusader Kings 2 is reasonably much the perfect platform for a Game of Thrones strategy game. It ‘s fat with intrigue, warring nobles and harebrained monarchs tearing kingdoms apart. That ‘s not to say that the creators of CK2 ‘s A Game of Thrones mod have n’t changed loads. It ‘s a substantial overhaul that goes beyond changing the function and giving people lore-approriate names. Most of the focus is on one toilet that everyone ‘s contend over, for example, so the structure of the game has been changed to fit the set. It besides introduced a few systems before Paradox did, including characters being able to duel each other. No official game has been able to capture the books or show quite like the mod .

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