Nemesis Assassin Event

 The Nemesis Assassin Event is taking identify from November 20 to December 07, 2014. It was created to coincide with the release of Oracle, and the Manifold Paradox Arcana for Phantom Assassin minimap icon.png Phantom Assassin. Players must kill a destine enemy hero with Phantom Assassin, or prevent an foe Phantom Assassin from killing their allied designated hero. Winners are rewarded with a trophy and have high opportunity to receive random untradable cosmetic items .


Each game starts out by designating the Nemesis, a hero that Phantom Assassin must kill.

  • The team with Phantom Assassin wins by Fulfilling the contract: Phantom Assassin kills the Nemesis before the Nemesis kills Phantom Assassin.
  • The team playing against Phantom Assassin wins by Denying the contract: The Nemesis kills Phantom Assassin before she kills the Nemesis.


  • This event can only be played in unranked games.
    • Bot matches are not applicable.
  • Game must contain Phantom Assassin
  • Game must contain at least one Nemesis from the Nemesis List.
  • the game does not need Manifold Paradox.
    • Manifold Paradox does not need to be equipped to qualify.



The cemetery contains heroes that have been killed enough times by Phantom Assassin, and consequently will no long be show up on the nemeses tilt. Heroes killed more frequently by Phantom Assassin are more probably to end up in the cemetery. If all heroes have been sent to the cemetery, another continuum begins, with more ambitious contracts for Phantom Assassin.


  • Each player who owns a Manifold Paradox will have a chance of triggering cluster item drops for all players on the winning team.
  • The chance of receiving a cluster drop depends on how long a player has participated in the event (across multiple games).
  • Drops from this event are not tradeable or marketable.
    • Players in low priority will not receive drops.

Arcana Points

Points can be earned to unlock new colors for the Manifold Paradox blades and gravestone.

  • During this event, players will earn 3 points per win with any hero.
  • After this event is over, players will only earn 1 point per win, and only when playing with Phantom Assassin


  • Two trophies are available for the Gallery of Triumphs.
Name Description Trophy
Nemesis Assassin Awarded for Fulfilling contracts during the Nemesis Assassin Event. Nemesis Assassin.png
Assassin Assassinated Awarded for Denying contracts during the Nemesis Assassin Event. Assassin Assassinated.png


Across an ocean of possibilities, Oracle has foreseen his death at the hands of a thousand-thousand nemeses. Eager to avoid this grim fate, he has struck a deal with Phantom Assassin, granting her the Manifold Paradox and a contract to end the lives he has deemed most dangerous.


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Nemesis Assassin Event

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