15 Best Free Strategy Games On Steam

sometimes, the best things in life are free. For fans of strategy games, that holds true for these titles available on Steam. scheme is one of the oldest genres in the bet on industry. Dating back from the late 1980s, it gained much popularity in the follow ten with games like Warcraft, Starcraft, and Red Alert. Back then, games were made like intricate and asymmetrical chess matches with extra steps — after all, that ‘s what the technical school permitted at the time .
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today, the scheme genre is way past its apogee, with more free-and-easy games and genres entering the market. That does n’t mean they ‘re outdated and muffle, however. One only needs to take a beneficial count at some of Steam ‘s offerings for barren strategy games to get an mind of how the genre evolved. These free titles have kept the fire going and besides brought some much-needed innovations.

Updated February 5, 2022, by Sid Natividad : sometimes a more elaborate and asymmetrical chess match is what some gamers need to break the monotony of action and gamble games. Strategy games provide that opportunity. Like every good strategist would say : why spend resources for something more expensive when something rid offers the lapp experience ? thankfully, there are enough of free strategy games on steam. Since that ‘s the most PC-friendly platform and strategy games are normally best played on personal computer, it ‘s a match made in eden. Genre fans will surely find some of the best free strategy games on Steam, so even more have been added to the number .

15 Conflict of Nations: World War 3

Conflict of Nations World War 3 map gameplay

  • Release year: 2018
  • Steam All Reviews rating: Mostly Positive – 72%
  • Download here

conflict of Nations : World War 3 is a grand piano scheme title set in a modern world where all-out war is adenine comfortable as bombing the tinge territory. It plays out similarly to games like Civilization, or the political campaign manner in Total War. It besides helps players familiarize themselves with geography, since the crippled takes home on a fictional modern version of Earth .
That means that players who want to take control of a certain state to engage a war over something could fulfill their war nerd fantasies. Those who get tired of playing with the AI can besides opt for multiplayer where they can duke it out mentally with other human players .

14 Governor of Poker 3


  • Release year: 2018
  • Steam All Reviews rating: Mostly Positive – 70%
  • Download here

It ‘s poker, so it ‘s mechanically included here, as poker is one of the most strategic and mentally taxing games out there. The loose price tag is justified by the multiplayer stress, as Governor of Poker 3 is all about outsmarting and out-bluffing other players online .
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It besides does n’t just feature one poker game but several variants, most of which are feasible for multiplayer intensity. Do be warned that some head complaints about the bet on are the persistent advertisements and aggressive monetization schemes, but that ‘s to be expected in a free bet on .

13 Crusader Kings 2

Crusader Kings 2 mediterranean map

  • Release year: 2012
  • Steam All Reviews rating: Very Positive – 90%
  • Download here

Crusader Kings 2 is one of the most solid and most intricate august strategy games out there. As the title implies, it ‘s a medieval history and war simulation set in the european theater. Players can pick their european area and manage them through wide variations of victory from diplomacy to war .
One of the most celebrated aspects of Crusader Kings 2 is its deep and thoughtful political systems, where the AI feels more organic and anthropomorphic compared to other exalted scheme games. furthermore, players can micromanage every view of their kingdom down to chromosome sharing in the family tree .

12 Fallout Shelter

Plan for the Endgame - Fallout Shelter Pro Tips

  • Release year: 2017
  • Steam All Reviews rating: Very Positive – 88%
  • Download here

Fallout Shelter is a cunning little spinoff game from the Fallout franchise and unlike the chief games, it ‘s less iniquity as the vivification and the art dash appear to be the third and fourth game ‘s propaganda visuals. There ‘s besides a huge dispute in gameplay as Fallout Shelter is a management sim that doubles as a scheme game .
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Players take control of clandestine vaults or apocalyptic shelters while its inhabitants wait out the nuclear war on the surface. They will have to conserve resources while expanding the underground partitions of the vaults and besides controlling some airfoil explorers .

11 Firestone Idle RPG

Firestone Idle RPG gameplay

  • Release year: 2019
  • Steam All Reviews rating: Very Positive – 80%
  • Download here

Firestone Idle RPG might have a different music genre tag in its name, but it ‘s a turn-based RPG where the crippled takes pride in its chill gameplay. The “ baseless ” in its title means players can sit back after assembling their teams, as combat is by and large automated and all they have to do is to plan out abilities and consider synergies .
If anything, that sounds more like a scheme crippled than an RPG, since most of the gameplay lies in formulation for battles or “ strategizing. ” The game besides offers seasonal worker events and a fairly fast opportunity for players to progress without spending real money .

10 Game Of Thrones: Winter Is Coming

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming

  • Release year: 2019
  • Steam All Reviews rating: Mixed – 61%
  • Download here

then army for the liberation of rwanda, no Game of Thrones video game has had a leading reception, but Winter is Coming is at least halfhearted. It ‘s a rid bet on, so there ‘s not much debate to be had about its respect. Winter is Coming is a Civ-style championship where players get to control their own Seven Kingdoms cabal and meet politics in Westeros or beyond .
It besides helps when one has dragons and some of the most outstanding power players of the Iron Throne at their disposal. The game closely follows the events and themes of the HBO TV read, and is by and large a fun way to emulate the Mad Queen or Tyrion Lannister from the safety of a gambling electric chair .

9 Shadowverse CCG

Shadowverse CCG

  • Release year: 2016
  • Steam All Reviews rating: Mostly Positive – 75%
  • Download here

A boastfully lump of the most popular strategy games today dwell of collectible calling card games. They ‘re quite the rage, thanks to the manageable eruditeness swerve and high skill ceiling. Shadowverse CCG is one of those and it shares a common trait with most CCGs : easy to learn, hard to master .
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Shadowverse boasts a condition as Japan ‘s phone number one collectible batting order game. Players get to pick leader classes which dictate the flavor of their deck of cards. Each of the classes has its own strengths, weaknesses, and synergies, making for a deep level of customization and gameplay .

8 GWENT: The Witcher Card Game

GWENT The Witcher Card Game

  • Release year: 2020
  • Steam All Reviews rating: Very Positive – 88%
  • Download here

Who could have thought that a circuit board plot made to replace a simple dice gambling mini-game for a AAA title would be one of the most competitive CCGs in the market mighty now ? GWENT : The Witcher Card Game has decidedly gone above and beyond expectations .
It ‘s pretty much a simplify model of a chivalric fantasy struggle, translated into a card crippled. Players then try to whittle down their opponent ‘s life antagonistic by removing the opposing army. It just so happens that the Witcher lore is brimming with by-product opportunities that GWENT has taken advantage of in creative ways .

7 War Planet Online: Global Conquest

War Planet Online Global Conquest

  • Release year: 2017
  • Steam All Reviews rating: Mixed – 61%
  • Download here

back in the real-time strategy ( RTS ) flower, Red Alert was one of the biggest titles, as it was besides one of the earliest wargames on the personal computer. Today, many mobile strategy games have tried to utilize the template that Red Alert established, and one of those is war Planet on-line : ball-shaped Conquest .
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The gameplay here is simple : build a base, produce an united states army from abrasion, and then crush the enemies, hopefully before they do the same. It ‘s a fast-paced mini-wargame that rewards familiarization and clever tactics. As an add bonus, there ‘s an on-line competitive component here with rankings, leaderboards, and incentives to boot .

6 Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile

  • Release year: 2019
  • Steam All Reviews rating: Mixed – 68%
  • Download here

Lords Mobile was made in the same vein as break titles of the past such as Clash of Clans and the like. These games presumably took inhalation from Civilization titles, making the gameplay conversant for the lapp fans. Lords Mobile thus lets players build their own kingdom and battle it out in a turn-based skirmish for territory and domination.

It ‘s dim-witted but trench, as players can opt to customize their troop formations and optimize their societies so they can produce better armies and a stronger economy. Like War Planet Online, there ‘s besides an MMO part here, which is enough bonus to make a good kingdom .

5 Idle Champions Of The Forgotten Realms

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms

  • Release year: 2020
  • Steam All Reviews rating: Very Positive – 81%
  • Download here

idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms is Wizards of the Coast ‘s try at making a feasible, becoming video game about their franchise characters. It ‘s safe to say that based on the reception, it panned out well, unlike most of their Dungeons and Dragons games .
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idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms puts a party of the Forgotten Realms ‘ most democratic heroes as they take on the equivalently ill-famed monsters of their universe. To that end, it ‘s a champion management game with friendly visuals and accessible gameplay .

4 EVE Online

EVE Online

  • Release year: 2003
  • Steam All Reviews rating: Mostly Positive – 75%
  • Download here

Speaking of accessible gameplay, that ‘s what EVE Online has been trying to achieve ever since it went free-to-play. The space simulator/ management strategy title is inching always closer to that goal. For the most separate, though, EVE remains one of the most unmanageable and complex games out there .
It ‘s a huge, open-space sandbox game where the universe is the actor ‘s huitre. There are enough of opportunities in all directions and dimensions, be it a space admiral career, pirate, or merchant. All of those endeavors, however, require management tools just short of an Excel spreadsheet in regulate to be efficient or effective .

3 Eternal Return

Eternal Return

  • Release year: 2020
  • Steam All Reviews rating: Very Positive – 82%
  • Download here

endless Return is a dear example of what strategy games can be if they start tapping into other genres, such as survival. It ‘s a mashup of several video game elements ranging from MOBA, RPG, and of course, real-time scheme .
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Players must plan out their craft paths and manage their resources in arrange to survive. It can besides be a struggle royale depending on the game mode or the total of players. accuracy be told, it would have belonged to another genre rather of scheme if the view was n’t isometric or top-down. That only goes to show how interest this claim is and how it ‘s a bangle for the strategy genre .

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

  • Release year: 2017
  • Steam All Reviews rating: Very Positive – 84%
  • Download here

presently, Yu-Gi-Oh ! Duel Links remains as one of the most popular CCGs on Steam and even outside of it in the paper format. This is factoring in the second coming of newer titles such as GWENT or Slay the Spire. What makes it potent is the rather versatile theme and easy rules .
In Yu-Gi-Oh ! Duel Links, players get to summon their monsters from a pool of unlike themes from mechas to ancient egyptian illusion gods. This godforsaken crossover of different media genres is governed by the deceptively elementary gameplay, where the monster ‘s summoners must duel each other in a offer to whittle down their adversary ‘s liveliness buffet .

1 DOTA 2


  • ​​​​​​Release year: 2013
  • Steam All Reviews rating: Very Positive – 83%
  • Download here

One of the final few games that developer Valve created before they started losing sake in crippled development, DOTA 2 has withstood the test of time and now remains one of the strongest esports titles. This MOBA is the official sequel to the Warcraft mod that transformed the real-time strategy genre into a more action-packed tower-defense game .
It ‘s still scheme in its identical kernel, as the players need to carefully plan out their attacks and coordinate with one another while being competent with their chosen heroes. The end result is a more acute and visceral game of hero micro-management that the traditional RTS games ca n’t match .
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